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Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

According to RottenTomatoes.com (as of 6/30/11):

Audience: 90% FRESH
Critics: 36% rotten 


The Transformers saga is like any typical summer blockbuster movie series (with exception to some): after the first, it always get worse. And this is true.

After seeing the results from Rotten Tomatoes, I came in with low expectations and ready to enjoy action-packed fighting from the Autobots and the Decepticons. Shia LaBeouf still adds that Even-Stevens-comedy we fell in love with when he was little. The new model chick kinda kills this movie for me. But the beginning of the movie, hands down, has the best story of the entire movie. It revolves around Kennedy’s presidency and an alternate version of why the U.S. went to the moon. The old, real footage of NASA really adds to the story plot of the movie.

Something interesting [like X-Men: First Class did] was the particular casts of actors and actresses in the movie. I guess it’s becoming a pop culture thing with all these superhero/comic movies. John Malkovich undoubtedly had the best acting in his first 5 minute appearance in the movie. But unfortunately, like my favorite movie critic Roger Ebert says, there are just way too many corny punchlines in the movie.

“Class dismissed! Decepticon punk! We’ve got a Mexican Standoff here! What do you think you’re doing! Return what belongs to me!”

But what do you expect from a live-action toy cartoon show?

Transformers 3 is very similar to its predecessor Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Action-packed most def, but incredibly lacks depth…

Also, Optimus Prime is a bad ass

Optimus Prime (cartoon version)