Lac Viet Bistro

This is pho real…no joke. Pho 88 finally has some competition. Or is it the other way around? Either way, I’ve heard several good things about Lac Viet before my first visit there a couple days ago. So it was inevitable I was going to try this FRESH bowl of pho.

When I order a spring roll at a Viet restaurant, it sets the tone for my meal. If it comes out crappy and unappealing, I get worried about the outcome of my pho. But their spring rolls were excellent, possibly the best ones I’ve had in Orlando.

But let’s talk about this beautiful bowl of pho in the picture above. Of course I ordered the LARGEST bowl possible: Pho Lac Viet (pho dac biet). The broth is ON POINT! When I slurped my first gulp, music rang in my ears. It was an amazing experience; the flavors of every ingredient exploded in my mouth. Broth is a key component in my pho experience. They serve a fair portion of the meat; however I was a little disappointed in the noodle portion and texture (too soft for me). But other than that, it is in my Top 3 Pho List of all-time…OF ALL-TIME!

Cha Ba Mau

At the end of our meal, we ordered a “Cha Ba Mau” (spelled that way in the online menu). It was one of the best che desserts I’ve EVER had. Most places, like Pho 88, gives you small portions (a tall, thin glass) and rarely has enough of the goodies (the green jelly-string stuff). Lac Viet doesn’t jip you.

Overall, my experience at Lac Viet Bistro was magnificent. The service was much better than most Viet restaurants, and they gave me 4 limes when I asked for extra (not 2 like most places). The inside of the restaurant looks like a house, much different than any of the restaurants in Orlando.

I dub this restaurant #FRESHasPHO

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