Imperial Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Imperial Dynasty is a major part of my life. Why you ask? Because two of the most hardest working people I know are the owners of this restaurant: my parents.

So this post will not be a review; I call it a tribute.

Established in March 2001, Imperial Dynasty has been serving food to the city of Longwood and all around Central Florida. The shop is located right off the I-4 bridge and 434 State Road. If you’re looking for authentic, small-portioned Chinese cuisine…you’ve come to the wrong spot. Now if you enjoy FRESH, tasty, GIANT-portioned delicious meals, you HAVE to come try their famous dishes.

Imperial Dynasty  has a wonderful, spacious atmosphere made for everyone: families, parties, couples, business dinners, and a private party room for large parties (can comfortably fit 30+ people)! And of course, a full bar that has draft beers, liquor, and foreign beers (the most popular is Kirin Ichiban).

And for the picky eaters out there, they offer a MEGA variety of Chinese and Asian dishes (the largest menu I’ve seen in Orlando). They also have an exquisite sushi bar with FRESH daily-cut sushi and sashimi. The sushi chef slices and serves exotic fish right in front of customers.

Because there are so many choices, I’m here to recommend my favorite dishes at Imperial Dynasty:

General Tao's Chicken

I’m a dark meat lover; I prefer my chicken moist and juicy. The General Tao’s Chicken pieces are GIGANTIC (almost like chicken on steroids) and has an incredible sweet-spicy chili glazed sauce that tastes AMAZING with rice. This is my go-to dish and I HIGHLY recommend it for meat-lovers.


Sesame Chicken

I call this dish “The People’s Champ Meal.” Tony’s famous Sesame Chicken keeps customers coming back for more. It has a sweet glazed sauce with lightly-breaded white meat chicken. And it’s not dry at all (referring to the dish above). In my opinion, this is the most popular dish served at Imperial Dynasty.

Other favorite Chinese entrees: Jalapeno Beef, Beef Chow Fun, Lemon Chicken, Hot Spicy Noodle Soup (no it’s not pho, but it’s amazing)


Peacock Roll (top) & Aloha Roll (bottom)

I ate these two rolls the other day. And the Peacock Roll is in my top 3 favorite sushi rolls. It has the crunchy mini fish eggs on top with fish and cream cheese packed inside. The Aloha Roll is a new roll that has little chunks of pineapple on top with shreds of coconut. This is a roll like NO OTHER…

*Other favorite sushi rolls of mine: Black Widow Roll, Royal Roll, Paradise Roll

I could go on and on about my favorite dishes here, but that would take a whole blog. And one of the best things about the website is that you can order online! And not only that, but there are pictures of almost each dish so you can view it before you eat it. Not many restaurants I know let you preview their food online. You order line here!:

So what do the people of Seminole County, Longwood and Orlando have to say about Imperial Dynasty?

Imperial Dynasty definitely has a big place in my heart (and stomach). Fun trivia fact: I named the restaurant ‘Imperial Dynasty’ before they opened 😀 So next time you’re craving for some mouth-watering Chinese food, bring your friends and family to the restaurant. And if you’re trying to eat healthy, check out the sushi bar. There are TONS of selections, so don’t worry…there’s a dish for everyone!

Tony and Kathy Chen

Dedicated to my loving, hard-working parents

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