Good Fortune Buffet

Good Fortune Buffet offers a LARGE variety of Chinese-Asian-American food at competitive prices. There is a BIG selection of different familiar Chinese dishes and fried food. There’s also a variety of familiar Asian food, like clams, crawfish, dim sum (it sucks though), and a bunch of other food. Surprisingly, there’s a lot more seafood dishes than meat. A lot is low-quality, imitation seafood, and not much beef.

Dining Hall

One thing that really surprised me (especially for an Asian buffet) was their excellent customer service. The first time I ate there, two waiters were at the corner constantly asking if I needed anything and taking away my plates. Their friendliness is contagious.

Custom-made teppanyaki and appetizers

I know this is gonna sound crazy, but they have the best chicken nuggets. It seriously tastes just like McDonalds Chicken Nuggets. There’s also a teppanyaki section where you can customize your plate with noodles, meats (beef, chicken, pork), and vegetables. The taste is okay but it’s a pretty cool concept.

Dessert selection is your typical Asian selection: self-scoop ice cream, cakes, creampuffs, pudding, jello and of course, fruits.

Overall, I definitely recommend bringing a group of friends or party to dine here. It’s a great experience with a VAST variety of Asian food. I’ll be coming back soon with my friends…

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